Cajun Pawn Stars Intro: Is It Racist?

First of yes, this is a thing. After the success of the regular “Pawn Stars” this show started up and appears to be doing just as well as the original.

Say what you will about the shows, they’re obviously not great pieces of film but they are occasionally interesting and are really great for when you want to just kind of turn your brain off and watch TV.

Regardless of that though, the intro to “Cajun Pawn Stars” both enrages and annoys me. I do not understand it at all. Here’s exactly what is said in the intro:

“We’re no Sin City. You can give a man a watch, and he’ll trade it for a mule which might be worth a shoe-shine and that watch will move from one hand to the next and then the next. People bring all kinds of stuff through our doors here in the small town of Alexandria Louisiana, what goes around comes around and I hope to be here when it does.”

It’s a little hard to know what I’m talking about with the visual to go along, so here’s a link to an episode: (You can just watch the intro)

The reason why I can’t understand this intro is because the first “Trade” it shows is a watch for a mule which is understandable I guess but, it then shows that same watch being traded for a shoe-shine then from what I can see it’s put away then stolen by the only African American person in the entire introduction then that person takes it and puts it in the store to sell.

I don’t want to come off as paranoid or over sensitive but doesn’t it seem a little racist that the only time an African American person is shown they’re stealing something?

Also, if you can somehow put the racist part of the intro out of your mind for a minute, how does that watch go from being worth the same as a mule (Which from what I gather is around $1,500) to being worth a shoe-shine which is worth at most $50?

I think it’s safe to say that it’s obvious that the history channel is trying to make its viewers think the south is both stupid and incredibly racist.


The last part is meant as a joke, I’m honestly not upset by this show in anyway. The intro just annoys me because the logic doesn’t add up and it is certainly at least a little off-color.


The next episode to air after this blog was posted featured a completely new intro. I’m not saying this blog was the cause of it but, I couldn’t see any other reason for them to change the intro a couple episodes into the season.


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6 Responses to Cajun Pawn Stars Intro: Is It Racist?

  1. grassroot says:

    There’s nothing racial about this show unless you are really scratching for
    something to find.

    • lkamon says:

      As I told the other person who commented, if you had bothered to read the entire blog you would have saw that in it I said “This is meant to be a joke, I’m not actually offended by this at all”.

  2. grassroot says:

    And, where does it say that a black man stole anything? Said shoe shine.
    There were many white people doing this to back when. But in any case,
    Gad, you leftys all dispise the south and those who reside there.
    ” We’re not sin city,” Bet that got your goat and didn’t even know why.

    • lkamon says:

      Again, as I told the other person no “Black man” stole anything, the person that appears to be stealing the watch in the intro to the show is the female african-american employee of the store. She has no dialogue in the opening, she literally opens up “Shoeshine’s” stand, takes out a watch, and then places it inside a showcase in the store.

      I care about politics about as much as I care about mouse shit, so I’m not a “Lefty”. This blog is nothing but a joke, and it takes a special kind of idiot to get pissed off about something that was already stated to be a joke and not to be taken seriously.

  3. Bill row says:

    He didn’t steal the watch he traded for it. Why is everything considered racist. This collective chip on people’s shoulders is going to engender real racism.

    • lkamon says:

      Who is this “He”? In the old intro that this blog is about, the african-american women who works in the shop takes the watch out of the shoe shiners stand and then puts it in the store. There’s absolutely nothing shown that suggests she bought the watch, traded for it, or did anything other than go into his stand and take it out.

      Also, if you had bothered to read my whole post you would have noticed that I said the post was a joke, I wasn’t offended by the stupid intro to the show and I don’t think anyone else was. However, it was changed the week after I posted this so “History” might have thought it could have been offensive to someone and changed it just in case.

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