THQ and WWE ’13: Opressors of Freedom

In this post I’ll be discussing the shocking abuse to my freedom of speech/expression I’ve suffered at the hands of THQ and WWE 13.

The story starts off with a friend and me both renting WWE ’13. Our reasons for doing this were fairly simple, we wanted something to kill time until Halo 4 releases and we really wanted to play around with the creation modes in WWE 13.

After we both went to Family Video and rented our own copies we both sat down and immediately started messing around with the creation modes. My friend played around with the story line creator and I played around with the “create a wrestler” mode.

Before I explain how my rights were abused I must have to provide a little information about the online aspect of this game. In WWE ’13, as with most WWE games, there’s an online menu which allows you to do the following:

Play in ranked and unranked matches
Download content other users have made in the game
Upload and share your own content with others.

Now, to explain what happened. As I said, I was playing around in the “Create a wrestler” mode. While playing around the thought to make a “Ku Klux Klan” member occurred to me because, in all honesty I thought it would be funny and my friend could use it in his story line. My finished product was this:

A character named “Kyle Klayton Kardasian” that looks like a cross between a Klan member and Cobra Commander.

Fast forward to the next day, I went to get on WWE 13 and browse the online creations only to be greeted by this message:

When I first saw this message I didn’t think much of it and thought it was kind of funny. However, after a few days of reflection I now find this an absolute violation of my rights.

Yes, I do know what I created wasn’t very tasteful and could be taken as offensive by some people but, those people have the option of simply not downloading that character and even have the ability to give it a poor rating so that others don’t download it. Also, the character is obviously meant to be a joke, just look at it’s name.

Regardless of what I made, isn’t it my right as a citizen of The United States of America to express myself in any way I see fit? Also, if the tools, items, and ability to make this character are provided in the game why aren’t I allowed to create and upload it?

I do realize that THQ has multiple agreements on the game you’re supposed to comply with and that I may have been in violation of them but, I don’t see how those agreements can supersede the federal government or my rights.

I find THQ’s reaction to this not only ridiculous but also a complete abuse of it’s powers. THQ could have simply suspended me from uploading content, removed my content and warned me not to upload offensive material, or done a number of other things.

I’ve tried to contact THQ for the last three days. I have yet to hear back from them and I am still unable to play online.

I’ll provide updates on this story as it continues.


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